Search Engine Optimization [ SEO ] / [ SEM ]

Search Engine Optimization [ SEO ]

Is your website helping or hurting? Does it attract unique visitors? What is your ROI? These are some of the questions you should consider seriously once you built a website. And if you aren't getting best results from your web portal it is high time you went for search engine optimization. We will tell you why.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of methods aimed at improving the ranking of a website in search engine listings. Once your site gets better ranking in search engines your chances of attracting unique visitors increase several times. The strategy to optimize a website requires implementation of tricks, and tailoring of content and HTML attributes in such a manner that the website achieves desirable ranks among search engines, without violating the guidelines and rules prescribed by various search engines.

We are doing search engine optimization for small business houses and for corporate. Trust our expertise and years of experience to get best rankings in search engine listings.

Search Engine Marketing [ SEM ] / Pay-Per-Click [ PPC ] Campaign

Pay-per-click is a completely controllable, pay-for-performance method of online advertising in search engines and directories - such as Google, Yahoo!, and others. Advertisers bid for search terms, and highest bid gets the #1 ranking, etc. - and each time someone clicks on your link, you pay your bid amount. If no one clicks on the link, you pay nothing - but people still see your ad.

For example, let's say your company sells "used cars" and you would like your website listing to appear anytime anyone searches for "used cars". You would then bid for "used cars" at PPC companies like Overture, FindWhat and Google Adwords. In our example, let's assume you've bid $1.00 at Overture, attained the number one position, and your website is now listed at the top of search engines such as Yahoo! - above the free listings. Now, each time someone clicks on your link, $1.00 is debited from your Overture account.

Many companies would prefer not to manage their own PPC campaigns because, as advertisers compete for search terms, and new advertisers come aboard, bid prices can fluctuate wildly. It's important to manage these fluctuations and changes in your rankings against a solid campaign plan.

Testing your PPC campaign. It is vital to track how and from where people are clicking on your links in order to track the efficacy of your PPC campaign in order to ensure that you are bidding on the "right" search terms. We offer a number of methods of tracking clicks to your website, which can be used in conjunction with detailed reports to analyze your pay-per-click campaign.

The primary objective of a portfolio-based search engine marketing (SEM) campaign is to maximize the volume (leads, revenue, or orders) given a specific return on investment (ROI) objective.


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