Samabay Samadhan (Solution for Co-Operative Societies)

Our Solution on Cooperative Society “Samabay Samadhan-2005”

After implementing our Total Banking Software in Bankura DCCB, we have felt the need to computerise various co-operative societies mostly the PACS and ECCS so that they can operate more profitably and accurately with existing manpower. We have developed this solution in a low cost but technically sound platform for the societies to computerise their day to day banking work and can provide better services to their members. This software is presently running successfully at various societies like Haldia IOC Employees’ Welfare Credit Cooperative Society Ltd., Haldia, Purba Medinipur, Moynapur Anchal SKUS Ltd., Joypur, Bankura, Jaganathpur SKUS Ltd., Joypur, Bankura, Kuchiakol Anchal SKUS Ltd., Joypur, Bankura, Sabong Saheed Smriti SKUS Ltd., Gelia SKUS Ltd., Govt. Agri Mechnical ECCS Ltd., Bankura etc. At present our banking solution is being implemented in Balageria Central Cooperative Bank Ltd.

Module Overview

  1. Members (Members Details, Land Details, Karbarnama etc.)
  2. Deposits (All types of Deposits – Savings, Current, Term)
  3. Loans (All types of Agril. and Non-Agril Loans)
  4. Shares (Share Register, Dividend Calculation etc.)
  5. Financial Accounting
  6. [Optional Module] Trading (Sales, Purchase & Inventory integrated with Financial Accounting)

Features of The Application Software

  1. A security layer is provided by the application software so that providing and maintaining of 4 levels of user Security System can be done easily and effectively by users themselves. User wise activity log can be generated and user wise / counterwise / module-wise and program-wise restrictions can be maintained.
  2. Detail Customer database. Keeping details information of all types including all personal accounts (deposits & loans). Customer/Member wise all account status etc. Unique customer ID enables a single window overview of all accounts of a particular customer/Member.
  3. All types of Deposits, Loans and Other Services are configurable with maximum parameterization.
  4. Better control and security on transactions in operation for maintaining low risk of fraud. System maintains user activity logs. All such activities are controlled by a very user-friendly security layer interface.
  5. Photograph & signature storing and on-screen validation
  6. Member details storing for generation of member register, voter list etc.
  7. Share Balance, dividend calculation is automatic and all the detail lists for Deposits, Loans, Shares etc. can be generated at any point of time.
  8. Both statements of accounts and passbook printing options.
  9. Automatic voucher posting from all modules through finance engine updated financial accounting at any point of time.
  10. Automatic posting of accounts in Daily Cashbook, Ledger etc. and Cash account/Trial balance, Balance sheet can be generated at any point of time.
  11. Auto premature interest calculation and close/renew facility.
  12. Automatic calculation of Receivables and Payables.
  13. Easy to operate with Graphical User Interface (GUI).
  14. Voter list generation.

Brief Module Coverage

Members Member Master, Land Details, Member Register
Deposit Savings, Current, Daily Deposit, Term Deposits includes FD, CC, RD, MIS etc., Interest Calculation of Savings, Year End Interest Calculation, Terms Deposit Premature Interest Calculation, Opening & Closing of Accounts, Day Processing, Term Deposit interest transfer to savings/current account
Loans Loan account creation, Disbursement, Repayment, Automatic interest calculation for all types of loan accounts
Shares Share account creation, Share Transactions, Dividend Calculations
Financial Accounting Group, Sub Group, General Ledger, Sub Ledger, Books, Vouchers
Some of the Reports (All the reports can be generated at any point of time)
Members Member register, Area wise voter list
Deposit Statement of Accounts, Details Lists for All types of Deposits, Term Deposit Receipt Printing etc.
Loans Statement of accounts, Details List for all types of loans, DCB Statement, Demand Letter Printing, Repayment Schedule, Letter to Defaulter etc.
Shares Share Register, Share Detail List, Share Certificate Printing, Dividend Warrant printing, etc.
Financial Accounting Cash Book, General Ledger, Journal, Trial Balance, Cash Account, Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet, Receivable & Payable Calculation etc., Reports and Returns to CCB.

Samabay Samadhan